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When you see before-and-after photos of spaces not staged versus staged, it’s easy to quickly become a believer in home staging! 

In a 2018 staging study of over 4,200 professionally staged homes, the average increase in value to the home due to professional staging was more than 8 percent.

Vacant homes typically take twice as long to sell and go for even less than unstaged, “occupied” homes. So, imagine the true cost of not staging a vacant home!  Vacant spaces, in particular, absolutely need to be staged, an empty room shows flaws.  Below are pictures of how a little paint and some staging can actually net the seller more money.


 2210 E Lambourne Ave Salt Lake-small-003-3-2210LambourneAvenue03-666x444-72dpi

This is an example of changing the WOW factor when someone walks into the house.  You truly only get one chance at a first impression, buyers make a judgement within seconds whether or not the house is something they are interested in, which first impression would make you want to continue touring the home?   


 People have no imaginations and let’s face it, how could buyers intuitively even know if furniture will fit into a space. This empty room had doorways everywhere and a small fireplace that would make buyers feel like their furniture would absolutely not fit.  More importantly, buyers would have no idea how to do a furniture layout.  Empty rooms almost always appear smaller than they really are because without furniture … it has no frame of reference.

 2210 E Lambourne Ave Salt Lake-small-011-9-2210LambourneAvenue11-666x444-72dpi

This room was brought back from the dead, literally!


Buyers walking into this space would immediately think it’s far too dark and notice the under window contraption. 

  2210 E Lambourne Ave Salt Lake-small-018-31-2210LambourneAvenue18-666x444-72dpi


Can you believe this is the same dreary room you saw in the photo above?  Yep, that’s the power of staging and the importance of not leaving anything up to the buyer’s imagination. Now they can see themselves having dinner with friends in the space.  I don’t know about you, a little paint and some well placed pieces made this a house that I would stay and walk through.  No room is perfect, but staging can turn a dark, dreary space into something bright and welcoming. 

If you were not a “staging believer” before … I bet you are now!  You don’t notice the under-window contraption, darkness, or dreariness in a room staged and styled with warmth, texture, and well … fully dressed.

But... Wait there is more!  What about homes with furniture in them.  A good staging consult will help you arrange what you have so it is attractive to the buyers and make the space feel bigger and more welcoming.  Also, if necessary, the home would be depersonalized to make it so the buyer can picture themselves living there vs. feeling like a guest in someone else’s home.  A stager could also bring in a couple of items to make the room look more put together and color that will show better on photos.  After all, the photos are the buyers first impression of your home. 

 Look what happens when moving furniture and adding color and items to a home make it more welcoming and make it show better on the photos. 










Staging is merchandising and marketing in its purest form. Home stagers learn who the buyer demographic is and what they envision for a home will draw on those emotions with a carefully styled room, a stager will also make sure that your home reads well on photographs and beckons the buyers to come see it in person.  

For a quick guide on how to understand home stager pricing and proposals, check out this article on the National Association of Realtor's site: How to Understand Home Staging Pricing and Proposals: Do’s and Don’ts.